10 Important Video Statistics You Should Know About Elearning Videos In 2021

10 March 2021   |   by Saba Samdani   |   Video Production, Marketing

In terms of progression, Innovation, and changes in e-learning video production, we all are curious about what 2021 will possibly bring us. It is promising that video development and marketing will probably remain one of the most influential and dominated digital content types. It has the potential to outperform the rest of the solutions to a variable margin. If you are wondering why using explainer video for e-learning videos is crucial, you can follow through with this article to learn more about the same. As long as the industry of video development and marketing reigns, it gives a clear understanding of the influence video has on the audience.

The video marketing statistics 2021 also tells us how much we can make use of this technology to enhance e-learning journey. Also, there is no other performance-oriented medium for conveying e-learning messages to the users than pairing the audio and visuals in the video and making visually appealing content. There are various all-around Video marketing stats available that you can integrate into your e-learning platform. These stats will help you understand and bring your e-learning vision to reality.

Why Is It Essential To Know About Video Marketing Strategy

If you are running an e-Learning platform or e-learning video content for your business, then you must understand the significance of incorporating the latest marketing trends and stats in your solution. It not only allows you to remain a step ahead of your contemporaries but you can easily overcome the market challenges as well. In the digital age, the audiences are watching Animated explainer video more and more. To make sure that you are reaching the target group of users, it is crucial to know about the various types that you can use in your e-learning content development. But barely developing the videos is not adequate.

It is equally important to understand the 'what', the 'why', and the 'how' of Animated video making and its trends. This is inclusive of knowing about the latest video statistics and e learning trends to know about in 2021. If you are looking to incorporate "make explainer videos" in your e-learning app development services it is crucial to speed up and align with the emerging trends. Look no further, and rely on that top 10 e-learning video statistics that are worth learning about in 2021

Top 10 Video Statistics You Should Know About Elearning Videos In 2021

Let us go through the top 10 video statistics that you must know about integrating in the e-Learning videos in 2021.

Video content creation usage


One of the most significant video marketing trends in e-learning is its 'usage'. According to the market research, around 80% of the businesses have incorporated Corporate videos production or any other form of video marketing solutions in one way or the other. Moreover, around 90% of the overall e-learning marketing strategies have the testament of Video marketing Services for the effectiveness of the video. If you are determined to adapt to the latest video marketing stats, you must know about the content e-learning marketers are producing. Recently, the top video stats include maximum explainer videos.

Live stream boom on mobile devices


By the appearance of Company explainer video, live video streaming is another popular e learning video marketing trends in 2021. Considering that the users on average have 75 applications installed on their devices. The recent e-learning video marketing stats prove that the global video streaming market is exponentially growing. In the previous year, the net worth of Animated video company solutions was around $16 1.37 billion. The market analysts also predict that the e-learning and video marketing sector will continue to flourish in 2021.

More and more short videos


Other than live streaming video content, the Best animation studios are relying on short videos as it is continuing to be a trendsetter in E-Learning video marketing. These statistics have been spotted by the latest launch of Instagram will feature in 2020 as it easily overpowered the success of tik tok. The Video production company can monetize the business opportunities for content developers and enhance the video developing tools. To successfully implement e learning solutions, it is crucial to have fast-paced, short-form, and concise e-learning content development strategies.

User-generated content


In elearning services, user generated content is a success determinant. It is no exception that the user-generated e-learning content ranks among the major Online-learning statistics 2020. It is capable of attracting maximum users and it can keep them engaged for a long. user generated learning video content also receive more than 10-time views as compared to the general content. The user-generated video development and e-learning training are effective with the businesses that are heavily driven by their customer opinion.

Quality educational videos


The Global pandemic has already forced the employees to adapt to work from home Trend. But e-learning statistics 2021 says students have adapted to take a digital turn. Around 1 billion students all across the world are preferring to learn from home. Indeed this has become one of the major video marketing trends in 2021 that has everything to do with learning. Quality educational videos and e-learning solutions have shaped video marketing trends. The TV production company or video development market is already set to leverage this compounded growth for their platform.

E-learning video advertising growth


In 2020, the advertising growth on video marketing has hit $9.95 billion. This figure is also expected to rise by 13 % as the year 2021 approaches. The growth and success of Digital marketing e-learning is also not showing any signs of stepping down. It refers to the fact that the competition in the video advertising industry is fierce. If you are willing to excel in Video marketing agency solutions for your e-Learning platform then you can jump to this latest trend now.

Incorporate latest video marketing trends


The major drivers behind the growth of 2D cartoon animation studio and Video marketing in quality learning is undoubtedly an adequate return of investment. It is so much so that around 85% of video marketers agree to the fact that producing quality content ensures a good return on their investment. Considering the credibility of these impressive trends it is no more surprising that video marketing trends will help you move forward. adapting to the latest e learning trends has help various platforms to increase web traffic.

Interactive augmented reality content


The next videos for ads trends in the list are the emergence of augmented reality and virtual reality solutions in e-learning. The augmented reality industry is forecast to witness growth over the next few years and hit the mark of $72.8 billion in 2025. Considering the popularity of this solution, it is indeed something any e-learning company would like to consider in their video marketing strategies. It is also an ideal alternative to the in-house or in-person learning methods.

The growth of easily learnable videos


As e-learning for employees is growing at an exponential rate, more and more businesses are willing to develop seamless learning experiences for their users. One of the advanced video marketing trends that you can give regard to is the growth of easily learnable videos. Even in the Corporate-learning environment, learnable videos of highly interactive experiences to the learners and allow them to adapt to the-learning methods at their comfort. This is indeed one of the hottest video marketing trends in e-Learning content development. The engagement rates and prevalence of easy to learn videos are dynamic in all measures. It particularly has click-through rates and maximum conversions for the e-Learning platforms.

Virtual events and branching


The virtual events have simplified the process of learning as they are backed by e course learning techniques. They not only assist the educators but also help the students to a greater extent. Interactive-learning solutions also allow the users to interact with the educators. This particular segment of e-learning for health care and education is known as branching video. This video marketing trend refers to developing highly interactive video content in which the learners are given multiple situations and every choice they make leads them to the expected results.


With so many advantages and applications, there is definitely opposition to video marketing trends in the field of e-learning. We can expect the leading companies to invest in the top video marketing trends in 2021. One such recognized platform is the Animation video maker in Noida that specializes in developing quality learning solutions. You can adapt to the advanced video marketing strategies in developing e-learning solutions and remain ahead of your contemporaries. If you are willing to use these video marketing statistics to boost your e-learning business, do not forget to incorporate them in your video development and marketing strategies.

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