An animatic is a string of storyboard images edited together with sound to illustrate how a sequence will flow in motion. It’s a next-level technique after storyboarding. They aren't always necessary, but they do provide a fuller sense of what the finished project will look like.

An animatic is basically an animated storyboard. The same images you’ve already created as a storyboard are now put into a video and can include dialogue, sound effects, and music.

Obviously, it requires a storyboard to be completed beforehand but there is a clear difference between a storyboard and animatic. We’ll cover those differences in the next section.

Few Popular Animatics Videos
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Give storyboard life. Storyboards and animatics are closely related steps in the pre-production process but they are not the same thing. One comes before the other in the workflow but they are both designed for one purpose: finding and focusing the visual storytelling.

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