10 Best Amazing Video Website
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17 December 2019   |   by Saba samdani   |   Social Media

The first instance you hear about videos, you think of YouTube. We may compare the same with reflexes of our body language, as are we so accustomed to it. YouTube dominates almost all the other platforms, and there is no reason not to love these Video website. The statistics of this platform is undoubtedly above our expectations, and it has been growing beyond leaps and bounds.

Youtube website is a thing we can’t ignore, and the number of comments, views, and all kinds of stuff are just on a rise, like forever. But wouldn’t it be amazing to just try out the other options we got in store? All we need to stop being is stubborn, sticking onto only YouTube, as we got tons of other Website videos on can go for, on the contrary. Before you start getting away from the fact that you can explore more and move out of the mainstream way of viewing Website videos we wish to quickly provide you the 10 best alternatives, which sure do exist and consists of Video like youtube. Let us get going.

Daily Motion

This is a pretty common name that we come across every now and then. Dailymotion has managed to rise in fame alongside Website like Youtube which has been industry-dominating for a long time. It has a common interface as that of youtube. The trending videos on the website appear on the homepage, whereas the users may browse through a lot of categories by going to the search option.

Apart from YouTube, you can use this platform to share content created by you, to a network base of 112 million visitors per month. As far as the sharing provision is of concern, a creator can share a video of up to 4 GB in size. Video uploaded needs to be within the time frame of 60 minutes and also of resolution 1080p. The policies of the platform are not as scary as youtube, and so one can use it well even with the downfalls it has, like any other website.

One can even monetize their content with ads and all kinds of stuff, so you may find few videos have ads, whereas the others won’t Moreover, it has almost all the video which various different users may look for. This is one of the great advantages of using Dailymotion. All the trending, as well as the latest videos, are available on this website from web series to informative video to movies to animations for kids, etc.


Artists and filmmakers will absolutely love this Youtube like websites. We can basically term this platform as the place for music, dance, cinematography, photography, etc, where users have an opportunity to share and show off their talent. You will find only such videos, relating to artistic talent, while the others funny and meme related videos are of the dice. You know the kind of people we are calling on. Though you will encounter a lot of restrictions, you will love this Websites like YouTube, in fact, you will love it more, as it is completely ad-free.

There are uploading limits you need to stick to or pay for extended service, which is the downfall. So this website offers one amazing advantage of being ad-free and one disadvantage of being limited or the availability of extended services on payable terms. But there could be more to this apart from these two traits. You will come to know more about it only by experiencing or using it for a time.

Meta Cafe

Here is another, one of the many Sites to upload videos. It is old, and not a rather new addition to the industry, as it came into play more than a decade ago in the year 2003. Considering the year, you may assume it came prior to when youtube went live. It is a platform that features videos of up to 90 seconds. It is the limit which is followed by the website, in order to show some really short and great quality content. With the viewer base of 40 million, the platform has a neat and categorized order of displaying content

This platform is a great place for people who enjoy short fun related videos, and not some professionally crafted videos. So Metacafe is the oldest yet the most modern and different kind of platform. Nowadays, people like to watch compact and entertaining videos and this is the platform that will provide them with such video. Moreover, it is a great place for people who want to showcase their talent in a precise manner.


We ought not to disagree that youtube has now a tough competitor presented by the very own Facebook fraternity. Yes, Amazing video youtube are all-time people’s favorite, but IGTV has now presented a new face of video display for the viewers. The way IGTV works is not as similar as the youtube does, for the site works on the vertical resolution, basically meant for the smartphone users, to view some of the most amazing videos of the world. This is a site that lets viewing only through phones but facilitates uploading from the desktop. It is basically an app, which lets you enjoy a wide range of other facilities, as it is also the Website to video call.

It is absolutely easy to view content here, as you can follow channels and videos will appear on your feed. This platform is of minimal work and extended fun. And you do not need a separate app for this. IGTV comes under Instagram only so if you use Instagram and then you will ultimately see videos there. And these videos are present on IGTV only. Just like other platforms you can like, share and comment on the video. The option is available on the top right corner. you get suggestions of video as per your previous history and you can also search for videos that you want to watch.


Blockchain is the latest technology and here is the platform which is based on this very technology. DTube is entirely similar to the Online video website youtube. The user interface is absolutely similar to that of Youtube, and so you may consider DTube to be the best alternative. You will find options such as hot, trending and most watched videos on the home page itself. You may even term it as a partial Video website free, as the users are not asked to cater money deposits for transaction fee, or an initial deposit. This is one of the best Videos websites like youtube as you may save videos for later and watch them.

Being ad-free you would love this platform, and you have a fair chance at earning cryptocurrency through rewards, and even commenting on the videos. All these three qualities make this alternative of youtube and other such websites, an appealing one. Users love to use a video website that is free of any type of advertisement. And moreover, it renders a chance to earn as well. So why wouldn’t one want to try it?


If your main motive of searching for a youtube alternative is entertainment, then you will get the best alternative in this site. You might have already been using this platform if you are a Facebook or Twitter user. Gifs, images, and memes are the basics of this site, and people who are always in search of the related content will find this content appealing. You will also come across Animated video production and normal movie trailers, funny videos and etc.

It has a WOW and a WTF section, where you can search and explore a lot of content it hosts. So you see the site is enriched with a plethora of different videos for you to choose from. You will find videos of all categories here though most of the posts are in the forms of memes but there are numerous funny and other videos as well.

The Internet Archive
The Internet Archive
The Internet Archive

The site does justice to the name it contains. It indeed is an archive of all video options, and stores a lot of videos, precisely the Most amazing websites on the internet. You will find a host of everything, documentaries, TV series, movies, and whatnot. You will be surprised and amazed by the collection of this site. Viewing the content of the site is great as well as you may easily choose to filter the content as per your preference, and also according to the dates.

This website features all the videos, and you can find them sooner as well, the ones that are hard to come by in other platforms. All of these characteristics make this platform the most suitable one to use. As mentioned earlier you can search through plenty of categories for a number of entertaining and useful videos on this website called the internet archive.

Facebook’s search option
Facebook’s Search Option
Facebook’s search option

If you are an active Facebook user, you might know this already and there is a fair chance you have used it. But if you aren’t, here is what you need to know. Like youtube free videos, you can also find videos on Facebook's search option. You use the buttons to find people and pages, but Facebook offers much more than that. You have a pretty equal chance of finding videos on facebook, just the way you do on youtube, but the platform is not widely put to use as much as youtube.

Name the genres, DIY, crafts, funny videos, music videos, short web series, tutorials, etc and you will find them all on Facebook as well. All you need to do is visit your favorite social media network, and search for a video in the search section. From the list that will appear you can select and view the video that you like or which appeals to you. So Facebook now provides almost all things that one might look for the purpose of either entertainment or information, etc.


So, your hunt for the Best videos websites might find the end means here. It is yet another great alternative for youtube. This software is decentralized, like BitTorrent, peer-to-peer. You will find the platform to be neat and decent, with absolutely no interference of ads. The best part of the website is that there are no terms and conditions imposed upon like youtube does. And so, there is a slight chance of you getting banned for the content you upload, and there is a slight fear of violating the policies of the site.

So, overall you have a site which is a platform for showcasing your true talent. You will not come across all the range of videos, as it is fairly a new platform, but you sure will have a great time. Being a new platform this one is so strict like youtube when it comes to uploading content. Also, the absence of any type of ads makes this a great platform to work on. And if you are a BitTorrent user then you will find this platform quite familiar and easy to use.


Here is another addition to the Video entertainment sites. There is a chance you might already have encountered this site if you even have searched for an alternative of youtube. This is a great place to get started for a change, as you can personalize your video viewing experience here. There is no video length limit for this site, and so, you will come across some lengthy videos and also altered videos.

If you aren’t a fan of short videos, this site might be of interest to you. There are good chances you will find movies from some great Production house and tv series including the presentation from Animated video production companies. You will also come across some great social-related features, and so, this site is an overall package. The main trait of this alternative video website come to be that it has videos free from time bounds.

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