Character Animation: 10 tips to enhance the Character

September 06, 2019

Using Animation for marketing products and services in various industries is growing every day. As a marketer, one needs to understand the psychology of their end-user group and develop the animated characters as required. In this article, we will discuss concepts of how to animate characters that resemble real life. The animation is a handy, effective and powerful means of communication and helps in connecting with customers lucidly.

Here are a few tips for improving the animation of characters that will enable us to develop animated characters that are realistic and connect to us.

1. Movement psychology identification

Understanding the movements are necessary in order to replicate an individual or mimic someone. It is necessary to identify and feel the intentions behind every action of an individual. Animators always need to observe the actions of the characters that they need to animate. Whether we create 3d models or 2D models of animated characters, we need to study and identify the movement psychology of the characters, before starting the design of the characters.

2. Real-world connection and references

We can search for references and connections existing in the real world to develop an idea about the movements of a character. Practical examples enable the animators to identify and develop animation concepts in a better manner. Animators can include the intricate details in the animation once they have observed and connected with real work examples. This also enables and facilitates them in creating dialogues and facial expressions. It is important to observe the characters as much as possible in order to design something realistic as existing in real life.

3. Gravitational pull impact and focus

Focus on the impact of gravitational pull on the characters is important tip. Gravity influences the movement of any individual and object in the real world. Creating animations that replicate gravity in the real world is always more realistic. The impact of gravity will vary for each individual or object and will depend on their weight. Gravity will also influence a heavy or light object in a different manner. With these thoughts, animations will be more close to the real world.

4. Movements variation with time

While creating and developing any animation, it is important to control the time in the animation visuals. Animator always controls the time. The animation will always result in inconsistencies and mistimed events if time movements are not used in the correct manner. Shots will also appear irregular. For example, everyone cherishes fast movements during happy moments. In a similar fashion, we can make use of slow movements to connect with sad events. Every animator needs to consider these aspects while developing the animation.

5. Concentration on body movements

Animators need to have a deep understanding of the body movements of the character or object. Observing the characters in the real world is the most effective way to master this skill.
We need to follow the sequence with all movement even one. For example, when a person looks at another character or object, the process starts with the eyes. The eyes are first focused towards the other character or object followed by head and neck. In the end, the entire body of the character is drawn towards the direction of another character or object. Experts always keep such basic things in mind when creating animations.

6. Save animations for future use

Once we have completed designing the key poses, frames, and movements, we should always save them for future use. This tip will always save time for future character animations. We can apply parts of the design to other characters in the future, as necessary. When we have earlier animations as a reference, we can get more time to enhance other elements in the animation. We can copy and paste frames, movements etc. too to reuse and improve each animation as required.

7. Handling Reaction to every action

An animator needs to study the action-reaction of the characters when creating an animation. When we integrate these features of action-reaction into our animation, it resembles reality and how things are in the real world. This is one of the most effective and proven animation design tips. The animator must study and master this skill to create realistic animations by devoting ample time.

8. Animation natural flow

Many times, it is difficult to achieve a natural flow of the elements following any animation character. For example, the tail of animals like a dog or cat must be designed with expertise. Tail motion and movement must be carefully integrated with the animation. When designing a tail, the root of the tail will remain attached to the base object. The wavelike motion must be incorporated in the tail as in the real world. The same design pattern can be used for other joints as well if required. Every frame must be modified and edited to integrate a wavelike movement.
Other elements like tongue, waving of hand etc. are other examples where natural flow must be maintained.

9. Observing real-world characters

In order to create an animated character with a real-life connection and look, animator should have a detailed insight into the emotional aspects of characters being developed. The optimal approach to master this skill is to observe the characters in real life and devout ample time for observation. Various advanced character animation techniques are available and used by animators to enable them to quickly create the animations. These techniques also make emotions look realistic.

10. Developing character speech movements

Integration of speech and correct movements of the mouth when developing an animation is a really important factor to consider. The character needs to resemble real word when speaking. All letters are not required to be formed precisely though when a character speaks. The generic movement will suffice to express the speech as required.

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