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What is Educational animation?

The term “educational animation” can mention to any animated image that is used to teach and learn. It could be as simple as making an arrow move on a diagram or as complicated as making your own complete cartoon film on your topic. However, A lot of educators are finding they can create animations between these two media to help their students master a concept. Using the Custom Animation effects in PowerPoint is one reachable way to get images or parts of images to move.

Animated video can be a strong way to convey a concept and engage your learners. But where is animation’s sweet place, and when should you observe a different approach? Read on for some inspiring examples that demonstrate the benefits and impact of using animation to facilitate E-learning

5 examples of animation in Learning being utilize at its best

  • To introduce a concept or topic
  • Tell a story
  • Grab attention and provoke discussion
  • Make complex information memorable
  • Bring personal accounts to life
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