How to create 2D animation storyboard in 8 Simple steps?

September 10, 2019

The storyboard specifies the planning process of an animation video. These are needed to organize the video-making process for demos, training people, professional use, and other aspects.

A storyboard is a shot-by-shot graphic representation of the animation video, explaining how the video will unfold.

Creating storyboards for video is a skill, and an animator needs to master certain technologies when it comes to digital creation. It has many illustrations in the form of squares in it. Each slot contains comments and notes about what is said while playing the videos. It can be compared to a comic book-type representation of the contents.

Need for an Animation Storyboard

Creating storyboards for animation might be an extra step for an animator. However, it helps to create the video effectively and renders it flawless. Please find reasons explaining the role of a storyboard below: p>

1. Sharing vision in an optimal way

Whenever we want to share our ideas and concepts with others, visual representation has no other alternative. It sums up the concept and vision, and conveying any idea becomes more accessible and practical. It is not easy to read the thoughts and visions of an individual through verbal communication. However, when represented visually, thoughts become clear and transparent.

2. Providing clarity to the development

A storyboard clears how the shots must be arranged and how scripts are required to interact with the visuals. The storyboard is the starting point of an individual’s thought line. It ensures that all scenes are available, and none are omitted or forgotten. An animator can create his version of the thoughts and vision while making the video.

3. Saving Time

Storyboards are an additional step for an animator and may need more time to make. However, it reduces the time needed for all future animations of the same kind. It reduces the probability of the video facing any obstacles. This allows the process of making videos to run seamlessly and effectively.

Process of making a storyboard animation?

The process of creating a storyboard animation for your video is outlined below; most of the companies offering animation services follow the same.

1. Create blank slides

Google Search can provide lots of templates for printable storyboards. The first step is drawing a series of squares in it. Squares act as video frames in the storyboard, and scenes in these can be sketched simply by hand. We can use photographs or even create them on a laptop. It is recommended to leave some spaces at the bottom for notes.

Lines that need to be spoken are incorporated into the scripts. An animated storyboard gives the video extra life and increases the communication flow. It should resemble a comic book, explaining what goes on in the video step-by-step.

3. Sketch the story

The next step involves sketching the designs to represent their appearance in the visual version. We can avoid putting too many details and colors. One needs to provide the desired amount of visual detail required to explain the general framing of the storyboard. The rest of the information will be provided by text and video.

Useful tips for the creation of storyboard

Some tips followed by companies offering animation services for making a storyboard are provided below:

First, an animator need not tell; just showing will suffice. It can work as a litmus test, informing whether the video conveys thoughts and visions.

An animator needs to be cinematic. An animator may combine many things, places and other elements in the video to showcase a cinematic video. Correlation and logical validity in visual elements are a must. Storyboard always conveys the story to the audience, so it must be consistent from the start to the end.

You may choose any theme of your choice. It is suggested to include charts and diagrams providing an infographic touch. Use a character to focus on the problem being faced by the customer. This will help connect with customers and take them through the journey.

The storyboard should contain all the required and relevant details. The complete script should be broken down into smaller groups of information. The animator must consider the characters present in the scene, as well as characters present in the background, the action, the existence of props, and so on, also need to be considered. Further, these are required to be compatible with the background setting.


At the start, creating a storyboard may be a challenging task. However, it is an integral part of making an animation video. It conveys ideas and thoughts to stakeholders. It also clarifies the vision of the professionals and teams working with animation post-production. Expert animation companies also provide post-production storyboard-related activities and tasks.

Quality storyboard illustration services can be used at the cost of experts. One must do some research to find the best people in the industry.

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