When And How To Use Whiteboard Animation In 2021 (Don't Miss)

26 December 2019   |   by Saba Samdani   |   Animation, Video Production

So, we would like to already assume you are into the plans of using Whiteboard animation. Fair enough for all the demand it has in present times. They are often relatively the most popular of all explainer video in marketing. But the catch is, you gotta do it the right way. There is a greater chance of things going south, but you need them to go north.

Putting them in the right direction is required. If you manage to do it, you will definitely have access to a great content tool, which would add on to your marketing strategies. The first thing to do is to look out for all the possible ways in which the Whiteboard animation videos can go wrong. Based on this you can easily eliminate and rule out everything which might hamper the process, and lead the way of success.

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Times when you must consider The Whiteboard Video Maker

Yes, whiteboard animation is undoubtedly the best way of illustrating any business or product, but the same doesn’t apply every time. The style of a whiteboard is not something you will want every time and for every product. Now, what would be the determinant to be considered as a match? The answer actually depends, depending upon the message the video would contain, the marketing goals you wish to accomplish, and most probably the product or service in question.

Here are the conditions for which the whiteboard style is suitable, and we highly recommend them.

  • Products and services being highly intricate and highly technical
    As we have always used whiteboard for lectures and meeting, the same concept follows here, where the main objective is to keep the subject intact and focused, free from all kinds of distractions. So if you have some complex ideas in store, waiting to unravel, a whiteboard can be used to guide the viewers in fun and interesting ways.
  • Time when a vast level of information needs to be provided
    For a lot of information on hold, a fair enough interest is to be maintained constantly among the views. This said quality is possessed by the Whiteboard explainer video than any other explainer video. So, your chance of showcasing more, while keeping the interest intact, gets doubled with a whiteboard. Boring can be taken off the chart.
  • A significant and effective B2B style
  • Whiteboard animation video are generally meant for B2C as to get the viewer's interest in the company, but are also effective to quickly grasp the interest of businesses. Every other aspect of such Whiteboard animation videos like the character’s humor and brief scripts, makes them compatible with businesses as well.

Issues you may encounter along The Process

This goes by without a doubt that you will have all your chance at making your marketing campaign a success. This goes by, and everything would be merry, but what do you think happens when it doesn’t work out. It can be a success, but it fails, it would result into blunders which would affect your company badly.

On a quest to get it right, the efforts may drain and it becomes easy to simply fall down from the edge. Creating the bridge to successfully reach the destination matters, and the same is not possible without knowledge and expertise. Check out the mistake which could ruin a good marketing video, created using whiteboard animation.

  • Hiding the drawing hand

    The format is basically prescribed to involve a hand drawing the images. And it stays the same for a specific requirement and reason. If you do not exclude it, there are fair chances you will develop closeness with the viewers, while also keeping the piece dynamic.

  • Going for an alternative whiteboard color
    The name itself has the answer for you in-store, and it is white. It is the standard color and must remain the same. This is proven that the white color retains a lot of information, and also helps the viewers focus on the message or the idea.

  • Excluding interconnected drawings

    Illustrations are the prime object of the videos and if they get diverted and clumsy. The point of making the video might get lost. Therefore, you need to maintain consistency and relationship between the illustrations you are using, so the viewers can follow up your idea.

  • Taking the style to a different level

    So, if you already do not understand, the concept is to keep the originality in store, and based on which creativity can be worked upon. You need to keep the style same to make the impact of a whiteboard video on the viewers, rather than nourishing it so much that it stops appearing as a whiteboard video.

  • Lack of effective animations
    It is a common belief that the message and the video can be made without Video animations, but this is just not right and needs an alteration. A specific amount of animations are to be used in the animation and they have to be rightful. Conveying the idea in an entertaining way needs nicely constructed animations.

Source: Best Animation Studios
Criteria to select the Whiteboard Animation Company based on your company’s compatibility.

Quality and attention to details is the major ingredients as explained before and it is to not compromise with. If there is even a slight compromise, your money and time will go down the drain, still leaving the marketing goals vacant.

While going for the company’s services which provide a spot of solutions for video marketing, might be tricky to get to the best part. Of course the competition is high and it might really get confusing and stuff, but here is the guide and points you need to consider, if you want to have access to the best video makers.

  • Quality and expertise
    If you wish to go for a 2d animation company you need to ensure they have a good portfolio. Ensure you also check their existing work and contribution along with the reference made to them. See their standards of working and decide for yourself if they meet your requirements.
  • Communication
    Communication is the base of all the other requirements, and you need to ensure you indulge in ties with the company which is reachable all the time. The process of creating the video must be followed by constantly having a connection with your company, taking reports of the inputs which would go into the process.
  • Customization
    Customized and high quality created video content is definitely required if you wish to get a video made from the best Animation companies. Companies must create the video in a way that your business and your ideas are fairly and vividly displayed.
  • Feedback
    This includes testimonials and reviews of the clients with who the company in question has worked. This will let you have an idea of what goes into the process of working with them, and what can you expect from them while Creating video animations.
  • Price
    Price is definitely a consideration and it is true that the cheaper companies do not provide the services as expected from them. The idea is unique and so the visual representation has to be original and unique too, which lacks in cheap companies. Also, this doesn’t mean the highest price bearer is the best in the market. You need to find the effective one with a worthy price tag to pay.
Top Animation Studios and Production House in the market as of present times

If you are here, to this point already, we suppose you have your needs sorted and wish to go ahead with this tool, considering its style the most compatible for you. And we sure like to encourage you to go ahead. Making your further task even seamless, we are here with the list of Whiteboard animation maker companies, which you can expect to provide the kind and quality services you want.

  • Yum Yum Videos They provide a great customization facility which lets the clients fulfill their needs. They produce high-quality videos, as compared to a lot of competitors. Another guarantee they provide is of price, where the process to get work done from them is seamless and easy. There can be an overall expectancy of business expansion and growth from the videos they create.
  • Ydraw If you wish to carry the concept of Whiteboard cartoon, this company will be of your interest. They are pretty good at creating cartoon styles which are widely liked by a lot of people. The work process they follow is quite effective and also well though. With a structured company as Ydraw, the clients will definitely be benefitted by huge dimensions.
  • Cognitive Animators, probably the best of them have joined hands as a team to work as Cognitive. Their line of specialization is video animations which is an amalgamation of a wide area of graphical content, presented on screen. They have a unique style and they are interested in the genres of politics and philosophy particularly.
  • Switch video This team is a group of professionals who consider following easy scripts and visuals. Such visuals and stuff are used by the team in order to produce high-quality videos for their clients. Carrying on the business for quite some time as of now, they have managed to gain upon a pretty high customer base. They have had customers from across the globe, mainly from the U.S., Canada, and others.
  • Video Scribe If you need the stop of video template software, in order to create some spectacular whiteboard animations, this would be your destination company. Your go-to company would be the Video Scribe, if you do not have a ton to spare for the production company video product. You will not have access to the quality products as other companies, but it would be sufficient for a quick and small video product.
Pricing System

If you would like to consider the price range which you need to cater for the professional level work on the whiteboard, you will have to spar an amount in between $2.000 to $10.000 per minute. As discussed above, we want you to consider a lot of aspects rather than going for the only price criteria, considering a low budget, the Cheapest whiteboard or the assumption of higher the price better the quality.

How to make Animation Videos for Youtube?
Considering youtube, the competition is really high, with absolutely no scarcity of creativity and expertise. For an alternative if you wish to choose a whiteboard animation as your theme, you might want to get a lot of things right. starting with the scripts, make sure it is clear, along with the storyboard. Follow up the format’s convention that is the white background and drawing hand for Animation for youtube videos as well. Then, you need to make a move and create the video to be as lively as you can get it done. Quality visual design and dynamic animations are required to make the video lively, and provide a smooth icing of sound design and voice acting, to make it to the top of your campaign. This was all you need to know about How to make youtube animation videos. Now, you may get going.


Now you know the content element and the threshold you need to find, in order to get the quality product created for you. This would signify the perfect match to your company. So, if you wish to have your hands on the one company which would give it all, to provide you with the quality content, make sure you do the needful search. Graphics and ability to create graphics are not all that is required. And a company which can do must more than creating breathtaking graphics, with the message of the marketing product or services are worth the catch. So, if you do end up on a company, ensure your consideration company meets it all.

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