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How do a promotional video drive sales?

Whether it’s your Facebook page, YouTube channel, or even your website; a promotional video is an ideal introduction to your business and product. The fact is, videos can increase conversion rates by 90% simply by putting them on a landing page.

Some points to note about successful promo videos include:

1.Featuring your brand and employees can encourage trust, especially when shared on social media.

2.A video series can increase brand loyalty.

3.Videos increase the length of time visitors stay on your page.

4.Video-enhanced company websites are always preferred by search engines.

55% of marketers worldwide name video as the content with the best ROI. So putting a promo video front and center of your digital marketing strategy is the key to increasing sales and winning new customers. Don’t start digital marketing without one.

Few Popular Promotional Videos
App Promotion
Business or Service
Flat Promotional Video
Apple Motion Graphics
Prophesee - 2D Explainer
Explainer South Indian Bank

A promotional video is a business/company video with the intent to promote your products and services to customers and potential prospects. Any video a company creates is in some sense attempting to sell your brand to your target audience. A good promo video seeks to bring the conversation to a more personal level without making the sales aspect so overt.

When companies release videos that celebrate an achievement or event, wish viewers a happy holiday, or tell their brand story, these pieces of content are considered as promotional videos. They’re transmitting information from the brand to the audience but without outright asking you to buy something. So, every video ad is a promotional video but not every promotional video is a video ad.

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