Coloring Artist

Job Discription

  • Excellent Drawing Skills, with an ability to draw in a variety of styles.
  • Knowledge of visual storytelling skills and visual language.
  • perspective, volume and lighting.
  • Have clear knowledge of color palette and setting mood in environments.
  • To be able to bring characters to life! Your characters should be convincing,understand the character’s role in the script and draw it accordingly.
  • Are competent in using industry standard tools like Photoshop and Flash
  • The job requires creating all the visual assets based on the art direction provided.
  • Have knowledge of styling and rendering techniques.
  • Follow the key BG reference and paint the B/ W layouts with proper color, shadows and highlights to bring the perspective.
    SEPTEMBER 15, 2019 by Saba Samdani

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    How to create 2D animation storyboard in 8 Simple steps?

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    Character Animation: 10 tips to enhance the Character

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    Importance and Benefits of Animation in Education

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